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Storage Tips

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Some helpful hints to make your move smooth!

Follow these simple steps and we’ll have you organized in no time!

1. Maximize the space

When storing your belongings, we understand that maximizing your space is critical. With this in mind, we made sure that almost every one of our storage units are at least eight feet tall. This height allows you to effectively stack and maneuver your belongings to efficiently maximize your space and meet your storage needs. It’s always important to remember to use the bigger and studier items at the bottom to provide a strong foundation to offer the stability needed to stack the rest of your items. It always helps to make sure each box is packed as tight as it can be. Place the heavier, sturdier items at the bottom and stack the rest on top. Be sure check for stability – we don’t want anything toppling over!

2. Leave an aisle

 The most common mistake people make when storing their belongings is that they forget to create a passageway that enables you access to the back of the storage unit from the front. As you probably know, life is busy, time is valuable and sometimes we make the innocent mistake of misplacing or forgetting something. Leaving a passageway enables you to easily maneuver you way to the back of the storage unit, without having to waste time emptying the entire unit and find that missing item you’ve been looking for. Make sure you have a way to access your belongings at the back of your storage space. We can guarantee you’ll be back to find that toaster or that one toy that your child simply cannot live without! (Granted, that same toy hasn’t been touched in at least six months, but good luck reasoning with a four year old!)

3. Think of ways to conserve space

Does the furniture that you’re storing come apart? It might be worth the time to save space! If you’re storing dressers, fill the drawers with your belongings. Mattresses will generally always store better tipped up on its end. Do the legs come off that table? Your mattress can be tipped up on its end and your linens placed inside appliances or empty drawers.

4. Label your boxes and keep an inventory

 A lot of times, when storing your belongings, it can be easy to forget what items are where and what box is what. Take the time to clearly label your items and boxes. Believe me, down the road when you’re looking for that one item, you will be glad that you did. For insurance purposes, it’s always a good idea to keep a separate inventory of all of your items being stored. It doesn’t take long to forget what you put into the space, much less where in the space it is! Label your boxes clearly and keep a separate inventory of all the items you placed into the storage unit. It takes a little extra time, but you’ll be happy you did – not only will this help you find something a few weeks down the road, but you’ll want it for your insurance agent. Extra hint! – Always place valuables to the back of the storage space just to be extra careful.

5. Turn box labels to face the aisle

It makes it much easier to read the labels and notes you’ve written on the boxes.

6. Housekeeping not included!

We pride ourselves on providing clean, affordable rental spaces, but they don’t come with a daily housekeeping! You’ll want to take some precautions to help keep your items clean; for example, it’s always a good idea to purchase dust covers for your mattresses and furniture and to seal all your boxes. Extra Hint! – Always use cardboard or wooden pallets on the floor of your storage space.